An Unusual Login Attempt Login Issue

Regarding "An Unusual Login Attempt" on our customer Instagram account, this was first noticed by our customer support agent which is a result from Instagram geo-security changes.  Our clients may get an alert from Instagram while trying to sign up or re-connect your Instagram account with #Likes.  


Our clients reported weird location like China which causes an alarming suspicion for some of our customers.  #Likes wants to ensure our client that there are none of our servers operating in China as Chinese government blocks Instagram and Facebook.  Our servers are located in Tokyo, US, Europe, and several Asian countries which you can choose the closest server to you in your account setting.

So if you have this alert while connecting your Instagram account, please:

1. Click "This Was Me" (white button).

2. Go back to #Likes and try to re-connect again.

3. You may need to do this a few times until Instagram accept the login.


Rest assure that #Likes taking your account security seriously and will never put an unnecessary risk to your account including several encryptions, network anonymization, and password policy are in place to protect you.

On a tech side, this incident may occur because of IPv4 is running out and a worldwide IPv4 population is moving and the Instagram database did not catch up with all the IP owner update yet.

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