What is the VIP Plan? What how is it different from the regular plan?

There is a few key difference between the regular plan and the business plan.




  • Multiple Account support

With the business plan, you can simultaneously manage different Instagram accounts on a single #Likes.

Each business plan will allow you to manage a different number of accounts 

  • Small Business Plan: up to 5 accounts
  • Medium Business Plan: up to 20 Accounts
  • Large Business Plan: up to 50 Accounts


You can add new accounts or remove already existing accounts from your business from the drop-down menu on #Likes and go to the account management page.





All accounts that are added through this function, you will be able to set each of the automatic functions independently from one another.

You can change which account you would like to manage from the new drop-down menu found where your Instagram account name is.



*In the event that you would like to go back to the regular plan or move to a smaller business plan, please note that you will have to remove Instagram accounts that correspond to the of accounts that you would like to operate before you can downgrade your plan.

**You will not be able to remove the account that is set to default. If you would like to remove your default account, you will need to set another account to be your default account beforehand. 


  • Competitor Mode

The Competitor mode will enable the bot to automatically follow accounts that are following an account that you specified.



*Currently this function will only work with the auto-follow function.

Each Business Plan will allow you to add a different number of accounts for this mode.

  • Small Business Plan: up to 25 accounts
  • Medium Business Plan: up to 100 Accounts
  • Large Business Plan: up to 250 Accounts

For best performance please disable auto-follow function.


  • Dedicated Proxy Service.

Unlike the regular plan, each user will receive a dedicated proxy.

With the dedicated proxy, this will ensure the users will have a smooth time using the functions on #Likes.


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