What is the Boost Unfollow Function?

The Boost Unfollow function can help you to unfollow your followings which can help you maintain your followings and followers ratio making your account look great for your fans.

Once you turn on the function, you will be prompted to fill in the number of followings you want to unfollow.  The bot will unfollow for that amount that you put in automatically based on your unfollowing speeds.  If you want it to be faster, please change the speed in the Settings menu of Unfollows first.  

Boost unfollow function also ignore the users in your whitelist the same as other functions so you can set up the whitelist and have peace of mind that the bot will never unfollow your friends.  Please click here to learn about the whitelist.

Boost Unfollow function will need time to collect and analyze your followings list before it can start.  The time required is depends on your size of account and it can be from a few hours to several hours, you can see the estimate time of each step on the interface as well as we will also you via email once boost unfollow is finished.

While boost unfollow is performing, your next normal follow or unfollow task will be delayed until boost unfollow is finished or cancelled.


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