How can I avoid liking spam posts?

There are a few ways to prevent our bot from liking spam posts on Instagram.


- Use the Spam Filter.

By using the spam filter the spam filter you can exclude hashtags from being liked.

Using the spam filter effectively can reduce the chances that the bot will like spam posts

To learn more about the spam filter, please click here

- Avoid using generic hashtags

Using generic hashtags such as likes4likes will more likely do more harm than good due to the fact that the posts that use those hashtags just want to get more likes to their post rather than finding new accounts to follow.


- Avoid Product Names

Using product names such as Nike or Adidas will more likely get the bot to like posts that are made to sell the product rather than posts that are really interested in the product.


- Use the Maximum Hashtag Filter

Many spammy posts tend to set a lot of hashtags on their posts to generate as much traffic as it can.

By using the Maximum Hashtag Filter, you can effectively prevent the bot from liking spam posts.

To learn more about the Maximum Hashtag Filter please click here

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