How to avoid getting blocked from IG

Instagram is very strict about what users can and cannot do on their platform compared to other services.

There is a limit to how many times a certain action can be performed not only by day but by the hour. Instagram keeps track of where you access your account along with what device you are accessing your account from. Due to this, while using #Likes, Instagram may sometimes think that the actions performed by our bots are a sign that your account is spam or hacked.


- Change the server locations

By default, our bots will access your account from Tokyo Japan.

If you are far away from the default server location, there is a chance that Instagram may think that your account is being hacked or is a spam account. By changing the server location, you can reduce the chance that your account will be flagged as hacked or, spam by Instagram.

To learn how to change the server locations, please click here.


- If traveling overseas turn the bot off or change the server location.

As stated above, Instagram monitors where you access your account. 

When traveling overseas, please turn the bot off your change the server location to your destination to reduce the chances that Instagram thinks that your account has been hacked.


- Do not perform actions manually 

As stated above Instagram is very strict about how many times a certain action can be performed not only per day but per hour.

Our bots are tuned to not trigger the daily limit but also the hourly limit. The bot does not take your actions into account when performing likes, follows or, unfollows. By manually performing likes, follows or, unfollows, there is a high risk that you might trigger the hourly limit that Instagram imposes on all users.

We have found that different accounts have different rate limits. For instance, older and more popular accounts might have higher rate limits compared to newer or smaller accounts.

Basically from what we have observed is:

  • 500-900 likes / day
  • 200-350 follows / day
  • 150-220 unfollows / day

- Make good posts and often on Instagram

There are 2 reasons for making good posts on Instagram. Making good posts provides Instagram with insight that your account is interesting and people have an interest in what you are posting.

Also by keeping your posts interesting, you will more than likely gain more followers which in turn will make your account less likely from getting block making a positive cycle.

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