How to maximize effect of action?

Follow the steps below to maximize the effects for your automatic functions.


- Set the minimum like filter to 0 and the maximum filter to 10

By setting the minimum and maximum filter to 0 and 10, the posts that the bot will like will be limited but, the posts that are liked will not have many likes so it will be easier for users to notice that the bot liked them which may generate more likes and follows on your account.

To learn more about the minimum and maximum filter, please click here


- Use the Spam Filter

By user the spam filter you can not only avoid spam posts but also posts that you are not interested in.

To learn more about the spam filter, please click here


- Use the maximum hashtag filter.

Many spammy posts tend to set a lot of hashtags on their posts to generate as much traffic as it can.

By using the Maximum Hashtag Filter, you can effectively prevent the bot from liking spam posts.

To learn more about the Maximum Hashtag Filter please click here

- Use the like by location function if you are a shop owner
By automatically liking posts of users that your customers, you can automatically engage with them on Instagram. This will inspire users to post more about your store and lead to more people coming to your store.
To learn more about the Like by Location feature please click here
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