Is #Likes safe?

The short answer is yes! The reason that we need your Instagram password is beacuse in order to perform some actions such as following, unfollowing and, liking ther write access for your Instagram account is needed, We use your Instagram password to obtain such rights so we can perform those actions. After we have the token, your password will be deleted from our system.We also urge our users to follow these set of instructions that will help keep your Instagram account safe.

  • Change your Instagram password before and after using our services.
  • Keep your password secret do not tell anyone.
  • Make sure your email provided for the Instagram account is accessible.
  • Make sure your account has at least 5 photos on it, so it does not get classified as spam.

 For geek likes us, we take these pre-cautions to ensure our users' information safety:

  • Send data via HTTPS.
  • We do not store your Instagram password unless specifically you give us permission to do so.
  • Only the write tokens are temporary stored, and with the write token only we cannot change your account information.
  • Your Instagram access token will be deleted immediately in the event that we receive an error.
  • We will notify you in any event that may require your attention.



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