How do I pay for the #Likes service?

You can pay the invoice using PayPal or your credit card, and some prepaid credit cards.  Our credit card billing provider is Stripe Japan.

We have plans to integrate other payment gateways in the future so please stay tuned!

* You will be charged in Japanese Yen in an equivalent (or cheaper) US amount Dollar shown on our website.  **As of February 24th, you can now pay with US Dollars

** Please note that you may be charged for the currency exchange 2-4% depending on your bank/credit card.

To access the payment options, please click on the Subscription link at the top of the page.




From there you can change plans, update your payment method and other account actions. 




From the Subscript Settings tab, you can change the payment method.



If you would like to use a coupon, please refer to the article below.

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