What types of credit cards can I use?

Credit Cards

We support all major credit cards (and some pre-paid/virtual credit cards) that have the logo of VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMEX issued from anywhere in the world.  Our payment gateway partner is also working on a deal with JCB and other cards.

Although at the moment we can process only in Japanese Yen (JPY), other currencies are possible but will be converted to JPY before being charged to your credit card.

*As of February 24, You can now pay with US dollars.

Please note that there might be a currency conversion fee from your bank but our conversion rate will be a bit lower than the market to help you with currency conversion fee.  E.g. 1-2% lower than the market average.


For Paypal, you can pay in USD and JPY and it supported VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, and JCB as well as, some debit card and bank transfer (Please refer to your Paypal website of your country)

For more information on how to pay with Paypal, please click here.

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