Can I change my billing plan?


Yes, you can change a billing plan e.g. from 30 days plan to 120 days plan or vice versa. Just log in to the Subscription Center and select the new plan.




For customers paying using Paypal, you cannot change a plan by yourself, please contact to change a plan as mentioned in the footnotes here.

You will be calculated a pro rata rate for the period that you used and the unused amount will be credited to a new plan cost then we will charge you only the remaining portion to the end of the new billing period.

For example:

Given a one month period, you are on 30 days plan for $29.99 and you used it for 3 days, you decide to change to the 120 days plan for $89.99.

Pro rata rate:

$29.99 / 30 days = $1; used for 3 days = $1 x 3 = $3.

You paid $29.99 - $3 = $26.99 which this amount will be credited for the new plan.


For a new plan $89.99 per 120 days so $0.749 per day and there are 117 days left to reach 120 days so:

$0.749 x 117 = $87.633 left to be paid on this billing period.

You got $26.99 unused credit so $87.633 - $26.99 = $60.643, this means you will be charged immediately for another $60.643 and the next billing period will be at the beginning of the next month.


Changing Billing Plan for Credit Cards:

・Step 1

Please select your billing plan out 30 days, 120 days or, 365 days


*Reselecting your billing plan in a short span will trigger an error and you will not be able to complete your payment. If the plan that you have selected is green, then everything is working fine.


・Step 2

You will be shown a form where you can fill in your credit card information.



A Note about changing billing plans.

After Registering a billing plan, if your trial period has not yet expired, the payment will not occur instantly.

For example, If you sign up for the 30 days subscription, and if you have 3 days left on your trial period, your payment will be made 3 days later.

This is to allow all users to use all 5 days of the trial period. Please make a note when your trial period ends.


Changing Billing Plan For Paypal

・Step 1

Please select your billing plan out 15 days, 30 days or, 120 days


・Step 2

The screen where you enter your credit card information should appear. On the bottom Right side of the screen, Click on the box with the words "Pay with Paypal". 



・Step 3

You will be taken to the Paypal site. From there, please click the top option to pay with your Paypal account.


* Sometimes if you are downgraded and there is a credit left and even with the next invoice, you still have credit left, this will carry on as a credit to the next-next invoice until it is spent.


If you have any question about the billing, let us know by open a ticket to our Billing Department and we will clear it up for you.


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