How do I get started?

(This article assumes that you have already created an #Likes account. If not, please register here first)

We work hard to ensure that getting started is easy.  After logging in, you will see the dashboard similar to the following:




You can add hashtags in the "Add Hashtags" box and turn on the Auto like function.  This example contains the hashtags #cafe, #sky, and #sea.



You can do the same with Auto Follows by adding tags and turning the option on!

And there you go! Our bots will start scouting posts with your selected hashtags and will start liking posts and following the owners of photos.

For Auto Unfollows, you can click on the Unfollow tab and set the time frame that our bot will wait until the bot unfollows people who have not followed you back:




You will probably need to add a white list so that our bot does not unfollow your friends or your accounts that you want to follow, in the case that they did not follow you back.  

You can edit the white list by clicking on the 'Edit' link and adding people to the list.




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