How many posts will be automatically liked?

The number of posts that will be automatically liked by our bot depends on multiple factors.

Our bot will search the top 30 most recent post with the hashtags that you set on #Likes. From the 30 posts, our bot will then check your Min/Max filters along with the Spam filters. After that our bot will like all posts that were not filtered by both the Min/Max filter as well as the Spam filter.

For example, if you set the hashtag #cat , our bot will search the 30 most recent with the hashtag #cat, out of the 30, 5 of the posts were filtered out by the Min/Max filter and 10 were filtered out by the spam filter. This means that in this query, the bot will have liked 15 posts that contain the hashtag #cat.

Our bot will randomly select 1 of the hashtags that you set on #Likes per query. We highly advise you not to set too many hashtags.


We recommend you to pick hashtag that very active, in order to increase a chance to get more posts per order.

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