I lost my #Likes account information or I cannot login

In most cases when a user cannot login to their #Likes account, it is because the username or password is incorrect. Please try the following; 

1. Copy and paste email or password.

It's ok to copy and paste your account information. Since you use this method please make sure that your copied text doesn't contain blank spaces or other characters.

2. Password is in uppercase

Please make sure that your caps lock is off while you are typing the password. Please make sure that you type your password incorrect case because password field is case-sensitive.

If you still cannot login to #Likes please try to reset your password.


How to reset your password?

First, please go to #Likes login page. At the bottom of the login section you can see Forgot your password? 

After you have clicked on Forgot your password? #Likes will ask you to put you registered email address to confirm your identity. Input you register email address in Email field.

After that,click Send me reset password reset instruction button.

Please wait for a while #Likes will send you a password reset instruction via your registered email address. The email is look like this.


Please click on Change my password. Your web browser will automatically open and you will be taken to the Change you password page.


Input your new password and confirm your new password in provided fields.

Click Change my password. Then back to #Likes login page and try to login with your new password.




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