Do you have an affiliate system?

Yes, we have an affiliate system.

Please login through the link below


You may follow the steps below:

Firstly, please click the button "「プログラムに参加する」



Next, please input the necessary information.



Finally, please click 申し込む to complete your application.




After finish all these, we will send a detailed contract to you.

Please do electronic signature on the contract and send back to us.

We will make accounts in turn and give you the code and your individual URL for invitation.


*It is necessary to have a #LIKES account to make an affiliate account, so please sign in #LIKES in advance.

*The content and calculation method of affiliate system will be sent to you after your application.


If you have any other question, please contact us at, or else open a chat using intercom in the bottom right hand corner of the #Likes login page.

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