Why is the amount that I am being charged different from the amount that is shown on the payment screen?

As of February 24, 2017, You can now pay with US dollars.

When paying with a credit card, all prices are converted into Japanese yen. Which is roughly 105 yen to a dollar

This will mean that pricing shown in language settings other than Japanese, will be different to what you will actually be paying. The price shown here are a reference to around how much we will be charging you for the plan in the currency that your language setting is.


Please refer to the table below for the difference in pricing.


Price Shown In English Price in JPY Estimate of what you will be paying in USD
(Excluding Conversion Fee)
30 Days $29.99 3,600 $34.92
120 Days $89.99 10,000 $89.18
365 Days $220.00 25,000 $222.94

Please note that when purchasing a plan by credit card, there is a possibility that your credit card company may charge you roughly 0.2% for currency conversion fee.
Please contact your credit card company to know how much it will cost you to convert currency.

If you would like to pay with US dollars in the price shown, please use Paypal.

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