Why am I unfollowing users that are following me back?

There are 2 possibilities that you are automatically unfollowing your followers from #Likes.

1. When unfollowing, We create a list of possible users that can be unfollowed. This process may take 1-3 days. After the list is created, our bot will start unfollowing users at a set interval. If the user follows you back during this time, there is now for our bot to know that the user in question is your follower thus unfollowing them.

2. When updating your updating your Instagram information, our bot flags it as completed although there are still users to be followed. For instance, if you have 1,200 followers, sometimes the response that we will receive will be that you have 1,000 followers. In this case, it will only account for the 1,000 followers that the bot came back with while, the remaining 200 followers will be marked as users that did not follow you back.

Currently, our developers are looking for a way to prevent this from happening.


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