What is Instagram location URL?

Besides the [Place or location name] in Add locations feature of auto-like and auto-follow, you may also add location from instagram location URL.

You may search the  location URL as follows:


Firstly, you may search in the instagram the location you want to add.

Let's take [The University of Tokyo] as an example.


Please open the location page like this one.(the one with location icon)__________2019-01-23_17.05.15.png

It will be the URL in the address bar. (Please copy the URL until the numbers and paste it to #LIKES)


Please click the [Add] button if you want to add University of Tokyo as a location. 
Then you have added [The University of Tokyo] as a location.

Futhermore,  those locations which are already added in #Likes can be found in [SEARCH LOCATION  Place or location name]

You may find more details in the guide below.

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