What is the competitor function?



 We have competitor function for auto-follow, but we are sorry it is only for business plan at the present time.

  • What is competitor function?

If you use this function, bot will follow those accounts that has followed 「 The specific account you have set」

The number of competitor accounts you can set is dependent on the business plan you are using.

  • Small Business : 1account
  • Medium Business : 3 accounts
  • Large Business : 5 accounts


If you want to maximize the performance of this function, we recommend you turn off the auto-follow function.


  • How to set competitor function

Please input the competitor account name you want to set and search it.



Then Please click the + mark right side of the account to add it.




(And you can change or delete the account anytime by clicking the X mark on the right side )



Finally, please turn on the switch on top of the page to activate this function.


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